The Dar Choral Society (DCS) is not just about singing classical music in Tanzania! It is sharing our love of music by making it a bridge between all countries and religions.

The group is one of the highlights of the classical music choral performance arena in Tanzania. With its long heritage of over 70 years of performance, the Choir is a well-disciplined modern Choir ushering in a new era of classical music in Tanzania.


  • Membership of the Society is open to any individual showing genuine interest in the Society’s objectives.
  • Members must be willing to abide to the society’s objectives.
  • An eligible person is considered a member upon self introduction to the society followed by registration
  • Members must be willing and ready to learn and help others to develop their talents.
  • Each Member of the society is reviewed and/or re-auditioned annually. The annual membership review is based on a Member’s overall participation in rehearsals and contribution to the Society, including: rehearsal and concert attendance, ticket sales, musical preparation and vocal quality, volunteer activities, and financial contributions to the society.
  • If a Member has satisfied the membership policies, that Member’s re-audition will be waived for the upcoming season. Regardless, each section will be re-auditioned every four years. No Member may sing a concert until the membership review and/or re-audition has been completed