The Dar Choral Society (DCS) is not just about singing classical music in Tanzania! It is sharing our love of music by making it a bridge between all countries and religions.

The group is one of the highlights of the classical music choral performance arena in Tanzania. With its long heritage of over 70 years of performance, the Choir is a well-disciplined modern Choir ushering in a new era of classical music in Tanzania.


  1. To provide year-round high quality concert of Renaissance, Baroque and classical music in the community, involving both professionals and amateur musicians.
  2. To educate the public in the “art and science” of music, through the concert series, enabling people of all ages to participate in this high quality cultural activity involving singers from Tanzania and other countries.
  3. To develop the arts infrastructure for the country for existing residents and attract new listeners in the country, and engender positive engagement with different cooperatives at all levels.
  4. To strongly identify classical music performers in the country making the Tanzania media a provider of quality work, including airing some of the well recognized international works in mainland Tanzania and abroad.
  5. To provide meaningful experiences through engagement with music which will enrich our lives and increase our awareness and respect for each other.